Manufacturing & Exporting

We specialize in the production and trade of a variety private label products for retailers and wholesalers

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Exporting products from china

up to 10 years of experience

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Welcome to the Golden Age

O.S.M is the leading manufacturing company of private products for retailers and wholesalers. We specialize in producing your best selling items in custom made packaging with your label and brand.

In our modern world, there is a constant and endless current of products knocking on your door, available for you right at the other side of your screen. We, at O.S.M. , guarantee to fulfil all of your needs with the products of your dreams, to elevate your business.

What are your customers looking for?

Is it the perfect knitting supplies to combat the winter with style and creativity?

Is it the picture frame to highlight cherished nostalgic memories in style?

Is it the beautiful tablecloth to host the loveliest holiday dinner?

Look no further.

You can find it all right here.

Who We Are

For several decades, we at O.S.M. have been the best in our field. Our materials and products are manufactured in China, the United Kingdom and Taiwan- and in each of these countries we employ our dedicated staff. Our largest branch is located in the city of Yiwu in China – the wholesale trade center of the world. Our platform offers diverse and accecible categories of products online. We offer our services to companies and organizations around the world.

O.S.M. offers the most extensive and comprehensive collection of products, comprised of anything you could dream of- ranging from arts and crafts, fashionable and prestigious purses and bags, knitting and sewing accessories, clothing, jewlery, house decorations and furniture, electronics, beauty care, office supplies, gardening tools, cooking products, and so much more.

We hold the highest standards in every aspect of our business- from the service, the staff, the products, the packaging and down to the littlest and most specific details.

Why You Should Choose Us

As we are aware of drastic environmental changes and care for our planet- we offer eco-friendly packages- degradable and recyclable.

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