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Contribution & Community

One of the things we are most proud about – is our unflinching moral compass. We never shy from mixing business with heart.

Our daily business formula of environmental awareness and the machinations we use to protect the planet from pollution, damage and global warming, is truly just the tip of the iceberg in terms of our actions.

As a leading company and a force to be reckoned with, O.S.M. is committed to actively work for public causes and for the wellbeing of communities by supporting and sponsoring inspiring organizations that change lives forever on a daily basis.

O.S.M. views involvement and giving back to the community as a sacred mission, an unparalleled and incredibly important value to cherish and honor. And we strive to fulfill and keep doing the necessary good work.

Furthermore, we encourage our employees to participate in a myriad of activities for communities.

Routine Contributions

It’s in our DNA, our norm, our business as usual – to be involved in constant and steady monetary donations to several distinct associations, all of which accomplish trenmendously hard work to make this life easier for the least fortunate and unluckiest of us. It is important for us to know we don’t just give charity, but actually participate with these organizations’ goals.

The organizations we work with and donate to, go above and beyond to aid individuals from harsh backgrounds, some with built-in difficulties, and / or those who are the most in need of assistance:

  • Endangered children.
  • Children with disability.
  • After-school frameworks.

We hold the strong belief in the power of humanity, generousity, kindness, and the will to make an impact, cause a positive shift in society, truly create a significance difference in the world. If we all join together in helping one another, we can improve the quality of life to all inhabitants of this planet.

One of our driving forces, one of our most prominent parts in our identity – is believing in this cause. Believing that by sticking with our values and our ethics, listening to our hearts, not just our charts – we can make this planet a better place, and leave our mark in history.    

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