About us

Hige standard is our way

O.S.M. brings together the powers of highly-trained and professional teams with world-class eCommerce technologies and makes products easy and accessible for the masses, on a B2B (Business-to-Business) basis.


We provide private label products, as well as entire collections for wholesalers and stores. We have acquired the ability to create our products in beautiful yet compact packages, customized to clients who use eCommerce, and sell all of the merchandise through deliveries.


O.S.M. serve major suppliers and the merchants that sell their products, and specialize in onboarding and managing across a multitude of item categories around the world.

Our Vision

As a company, we strive for not only success in our business goals- but also to fill our work with meaning. We aspire to maintain several core values:

  • An extraordinary customer service. In order to give the best service experiences, we focus on several fronts. We assemble quick response teams to assist our clients. We organize all the services the client needs under one umbrella in order to give him everything he needs (without the client having to be bothered with several different services) . We study each business we give our services to, in order to provide personal custamized attention to each business’ individual needs by our experts in the specific relevant fields. And we encourage our employees to relentlessly learn and improve, in their many trainings and proffessional development sessions.
  • An emphasis on offering the very best products. We offer a wide range of products from countless categories, to meet the needs of as many companies from as many fields as we can. And we ensure, by meticulous, uncompromisable and constant observation, that each and every product is of the highest quality.
  • An active approach to environmental activism. We incorporate strict and clear protocols and methods to prevent as much pollution and environmental damage as we can. We monitor our products from beginning to end, closely watching the production as well as the packaging. We only use degradable and/or recyclable materials.

By following our mission, we get to achieve success in what we do best- helping other businesses achieve their own success.

With years of industry experience, a devoted customer service team, and a myriad of suppliers and manufacturers, O.S.M. offers businesses the ability to provide the best products for their clients – in order to grow and succeed.    

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